Institute of Puppetry Arts
Where objects tell stories


Feb 13th - Feb 20th - Feb 27th

March 6th - March 13th - March 27th

April 3rd - April 10th - April 10

Time - 6pm - 8pm



Our objective is to bring together a small group of youths with a shared interest in exploring life issues through the medium of puppetry/object movement.  Invitations to participate will be made to junior and senior high schools.

With guidance, participants will explore the manipulation of various styles of puppets, ranging from basic hand puppets to large ‘doughboy’ five-person puppets, which require group coordination. Participants will learn how to create their own ‘found object’ puppet using everyday recycled items. Basic puppet theatre exercises will help the participants to acquire the skills and techniques to bring their puppet to life, and develop scenes and scripts. By sharing their work with peers and selected audiences, the students will enjoy a sense of personal and professional fulfilment, having taken an idea and watched it grow into a real performance piecethat will start meaningful discussions within their community.

Following completion of the sessions, students, instructors, and community professionals will be invited to participate in an assessment of the project, with a view towards establishing an ongoing adolescent-oriented program under the aegis of the Mermaid Institute of Puppetry Arts.

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