Artist Residencies

Emerging artists or established professionals, we provide an open space for creativity.  

From the Theatre Loft Director

 “A number of years ago, I established the Mermaid Theatre Loft as a place where the art of puppetry could be explored in a nurturing and supportive environment. The vision was to provide a space where individual theatre artists, and companies, with a desire to use objects as a device for telling stories, could explore ideas relating to their work, drawing upon the resources of Mermaid Theatre’s creative and administrative teams. I’m very pleased that this dream has been realized, as the roster of Canadian theatre artists who have worked with us in this capacity continues to grow, and the word spreads about what we have to share.”

 -Jim Morrow

The primary goal of the Mermaid Theatre Loft Residency is to create a professional development opportunity to emerging and established professionals that is considered unique in Canadian theatre. 

Participants, with an interest in developing new work, or improve existing work, rooted in object and visual theatre, are encouraged to apply.

Mermaid Theatre will provide access to all our facilities including the Loft Space, as well as, access to all Mermaid Theatre personnel who will engage in relevant discussions regarding the specifics of each project. 

Mentoring will be provided in puppetry manipulation and construction, set and prop design and construction, play development, dramaturgy, organizational planning, administration, and touring.

If you are interested in this program please send us a project proposal and residency dates by clicking here: Contact Us.