Our PRoduction Department

Mermaid's Production Studios are at the center of our flagship productions.  From design to prototypes to final construction, every aspect of the shows is imagined and built by our dedicated team.  Every puppet, handle, curtain, set piece, stand, and road case are custom built right in our facility. In addition, the production team also play an important backstage role far beyond the Theatre's own creative operations. By utilizing decades of experience in the design and contraction of unique props, sets and puppets, the Studios service diverse clients in theatre, music, film, television, education, and community organizations who seek creative solutions to their design challenges. The Production Studios' resource team is efficient, cost-effective and imaginative and is prepared to quote on both theatrical and non-theatrical projects such as floats, mascots, industrial and heritage displays, and characters for film and television. If you would like to find out more about our studios, Contact Us.