Institute of Puppetry Arts
March Break Camps
Creativity Takes Courage


March 18th - 22nd

Time - 9:00am - 4:00pm


March Break Camp

Participants will learn how to create their own puppet.  The puppet will be created using common, everyday items. Additional materials will be supplied.  Under supervision, the participants will have an opportunity to decorate their creations and develop the puppet’s character and costume.  

Participants will learn how to manipulate various styles of puppets, ranging from basic hand puppets to large “doughboys,” a five-person puppet.  Using the puppet they constructed, participants can now begin learning the techniques of moving puppets around a stage or floor.  After undertaking some puppet theatre exercises and learning basic skills, students can further explore the movements and possibilities of their puppet.  Finally, participants will have the opportunity to develop scenes using their new knowledge of puppetry.

The final day is a celebration of puppetry.  Family and friends are invited to view participants manipulate the puppet they have created from common, everyday objects.

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