Mermaid Theatre Programs

Currently, there are four spotlight program initiatives at Mermaid Theatre: MIPAC (Mermaid Imperial Performing Arts) Centre, Theatre Beyond Classrooms, Puppetry Workshops, and Animotion.  If you have any further questions regarding these initiatives or the sponsorship process please contact us.


Become an Ovation Sponsor


MIPAC, Mermaid Imperial Performing Arts Centre continues to be an important venture for our community - alas, we need your help.  From providing accommodation, printing programs, presenting international artists and theatre companies.  

We are always looking for partners who best fit this opportunity.  If you received a letter to become an Ovation Sponsor, please click on the appropriate sponsorship level button below, if not, that's okay, click "contact us" Contact Us so we can send you the applicable information.


School Shows


Our Theatre Beyond Classrooms programming promotes the excitement of reading, supports analytical thinking and reinforces a positive communal and cultural experience outside the classroom and into Mermaid Theatre. If you would like to sponsor our Theatre Beyond Classrooms program,  Contact Us. or click below to make a donation.

School Show Donation


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Our puppetry workshops travel to local schools, corporate companies, camps, colleges, and theatres around the world.  If you would like to find out how your sponsorship through workshops can help, Contact Us.


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Emerging Artists in search of furthering their artistic comprehension of manipulating inanimate objects take an intensive training course over several weeks at Mermaid Theatre headquarters.  Some artists need financial support to do so. Our Animotion program is also growing. We are looking at increasing our teaching faculty and laboratory spaces. If you would like to sponsor a candidate or invest in our onsite programming,
Contact Us.