Institute of Puppetry Arts
14 and under

A space in which we foster the exploration of our imaginations through puppetry and object movement.


Pre-school Puppet Play

Pre-School puppet play blends the joy of reading with puppetry. We have teamed up with Woozles, Canadas oldest children’s book store, to curate our favourite famous children’s story books. We will begin the session sharing a story as a group. Once we have discussed the story, we will move on to making a simple puppet based on the book. Each class is a different story and children will build a new puppet for each workshop. This is a perfect opportunity to mix and mingle with local parents/guardians and one another’s children while having fun. Social time, re-defined.

Dates - Feb.9th - March 16th -April 13th - May 11th - June 8th

Time - 10am-11am

Age - 3-5

Cost: $15.00(+HST) Drop In

Reserve all 5 Sessions and pay 12.00(+HST) Per Session **coffee and tea will be provided.


Production 1

Learn how to develop a show, from the ground up. Participants will learn how to create their own puppet using common, everyday items. Using the puppet they have constructed, participants can now begin learning the techniques of moving puppets around a stage or floor.  After undertaking some puppet theatre exercises and developing their basic skills, students can further explore the movements and possibilities of their puppet.  Finally, participants will have the opportunity to develop their show. The final day is a celebration of puppetry. Family and friends are invited to view participants newly developed show with the puppet they have created from common, everyday objects.

Dates - Feb.2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd - March 2nd, 9th, 16th

7 Sessions

Time - 12pm-2pm

Age - 7-14

Cost - $175.00(+HST)


Home School Puppet Jams

Home School Puppet Jams are creative play session. Participants create their own puppet using common, everyday items. Each session we will explore a different theme, spending half the session building our puppets, and moving on to learn how our puppets will come to life, through manipulation and play.

Dates - Feb 5th - March 5th - May 8th - June 4th

Time - 1pm-3pm

Age - 6-16

Cost: $15.00(+HST) Drop In

Reserve all 4 Sessions and pay $12.00(+HST) Per Session


Drop-In Puppet Class

An all ages event in which we focus on a multiple styles of puppets. Drop in Puppet class is designed for everyone, and every skill level. We will spend our time playing, creating and manipulating with a new theme each month.

Dates - Jan 24th - Feb 21st - March 28th - April 12th - May 23rd - June 20th

Time - 6pm-8pm

Age - 8-16

Cost: $15.00(+HST) Drop In

Reserve all 6 Sessions and pay $12.00(+HST) Per Session